How to prepare for an interview: 

Executive Recruiters develop strong relationships with their clients over years.  Candidates which they refer have an advantage of being represented by someone who is entrusted to only refer qualified candidates with exceptional qualities.  Candidates should adhere to a few simple rules in order to navigate the difficult interview process waters.

1.      Do your homework.   Review the company web site and job description in advance of the interview.


2.       By reviewing the company’s web site, reading the job description, and talking with the interviewers, you can learn what the company’s focus is and what it views as the ideal candidate.   Then you can extract information about your background to match with that criteria.  Share experience in your work history which supports your qualifications for that particular position.


3.       Sell yourself.  No one else will do it for you.   You need to show your interviewer that you are a good fit for the position. 


4.       Show interest in the position, in the company, and how you will contribute to the company within this position.  An interviewer wants to see enthusiasm for the opportunity to work for THIS specific company doing THIS specific work function.


5.       Always keep in mind who you are interviewing with and their viewpoint within the big picture.  For example, you may discuss different topics and highlight different aspects of your experience with the Human Resources Manager than you would the Senior Director.



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